We are generally working on a 2/3 week timescale from the time we receive your order & pattern.

If customers have an exact delivery/clinic date, they can send us the order well in advance and follow with the pattern at a later date. This gives my customers more time to prepare their patterns, and also gets the order logged onto our system, giving us the “heads up” of whats on its way!. Obviously some covers are not required within the 2/3 week timescale and that is why we always ask for a return date. This enables us to consistently juggle all customers work, in relevant order, keeping everyone happy and getting all our goods delivered on time.

If you require an urgent job, please phone, we will always try our best to get things done to suit your needs. It has been known for us to receive a pattern by 10am, get the cover made, packed and out the door the same day! Needless to say we did have prior warning!